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So Excited!

Updated: Feb 1

We got a copy of Farm Show in the mail not too long ago. There was a write-up about Vartillcon planter plates. The title read "Seed Plate Best Buy". The write-up even included a picture of our large cell wing nut planter plate. Shout out to Marty Whitney for talking with the people at Farm Show.

Check out what Marty stated about the Vartillcon planter plates. The phone number for Larry has changed due to an unforeseen problem. Larry's number is now 419-910-1696. Also the price of the plates for the Winter Special for $19.95.

With Vartillcon planter plates, you are able to use these plates to plant multiple types of seed; mixed cover crops, oats, soybeans, and wheat. One plate for various seed is better than one plate per seed type. It will be planting time before you know it. Why not take advantage of the Winter Special before it ends!?

Bye for now.

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