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New Season, New Website, New Blogs, Wheat Greening

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Hello to all the visitors of the Sprouting Our Important Legacy LLC blog. I am happy for the new season of Spring. This past winter was different. I actually did not mind this winter. It could be because it was not too snowy or

cold. I am still glad winter is over. The trees are starting to bud, early flowers are starting to come up. My goats should be kidding soon and chick days are here at many of the local feed stores. Planting will soon begin for the farmers. Now is a great time to check out S.O.I.L. Vartillcon planter plates. We have both connection types, Quick Lock and wing nut; and two cell size to choose from with our planter plates. If you are looking to plant mixed cover crops, oats, soybeans or wheat this year, definitely consider using Vartillcon planter plates in your brush meter.

Before I forget. I started this new website because I was having difficulty with the other site. I wanted to transfer my previous blogs but did not figure it out. So, I copied the former blogs to a Blog Page 2022. If you did not get to read my previous blogs, please feel free to do so. I am fairly new at blogging so bear with me.

Have you bought your seed for this year? I started purchasing seed at the end of last year and bought a few more seeds recently. My chickens have done great work on the garden area so there will be less work for me in regards to spreading manure. Thank you chickens. And thank you cows and goats for the manure.

Back to your seed. Do you know Vartillcon planting plates are capable of planting four different crops without having to buy separate plates for each seed type? We worked hard a getting the number needed through testing and trial and error. We also worked hard at making the ratio/speed charts which we provide to people who purchase our planter plates. We also offer individual assistance if you need help figuring out what gear ratio and speed to reach your desired seeds per acre. Look at the pictures of the fields on the website. Those fields were planted with the same Vartillcon planting plate. There is the proof "in the pudding".

Please get your orders in before inventory is gone. We have had to wait since late 2022 for our current production of plates. We do not want you to be left using your old plates when you are ready to buy the new Vartillcon planting plates.

Well, that is all or now. I think I have taken up enough of your time for today. Have a good one!

Lynne Hak

Sprouting Our Important Legacy LLC

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