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Don't Jump The Gun!

We have been blessed with warm weather of late. It actually got up into the eighties. Wow, what warm temperatures for mid April. Larry said he has seen farmers out working ground. Is this a wise practice so early?

I know there is push to get seed into the ground earlier and earlier each year. It is like a contest to see who can get their seed into the ground the earliest. The surface appears dry, even a few inches look dry but what about under that depth?

I took a shovel to the garden to see for myself the moisture level of the soil. Sure enough, the surface was dry, About an inch down the soil would clump in my hand when squeezed. As I dug further down there was actually a small puddle of water forming in the bottom of my four inch deep hole. Hmmm, wouldn't that soil compact easily if there was weight of a tractor was put on it? I would say, probably so.

Protecting the soil is the first thing farmers should think about as the main source of their legacy. Without healthy, well aerated soil, the crops cannot flourish. Sprouting Our Important Legacy LLC believe in the use of "no-till" and "cover crops" to help protect and enhance the soil. That is why we offer currently offer planter plates for brush meters.

We hope everyone will use our planter plates for cover crops but why not for oats, soybeans and wheat too? One style plate for multiple crop seeds. We offer support with the purchase of our planter plates along with a chart to assist with finding the proper gear ratio and best speed to get the desired seed per acre/seed per foot. Our friends at Kinze are impressed with our achieved numbers! You will be too.

Check out the Sprouting Our Important Legacy LLC website for pictures of crop fields planted with our Vartillcon Planter Plates at There is a field of soybeans as well as of wheat to view. The same set of plates were used to plant both fields. The farmer was given a chart with ratios/speeds with the plates. He stated our chart numbers "were spot on." Thank you Marty Whitney!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Please respond with comments to God bless you and yours!

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