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February 1st; 29 days to meteorological Spring!

Can you believe it? We made it through January! There is light at the end of the tunnel. Even though Spring on the calendar does not begin until March 19th; I love the thought of meteorological Spring beginning on March 1st. I never really liked winter because of the cold even though the snow is pretty to look at. I do not like being bogged down by all the outer wear needed to stay warm. The warming of the temperatures brings me great joy! Hurray for Spring!!!

Have you gotten your mind on Spring planting yet? We are getting orders for our mechanical meter planter plates. I bet it has to do with the great sale price right now. Where else can you get one planter plate that is capable of planting mixed cover crops, oats, soybeans and wheat? Just by a little math and changing of the drive and driven will achieve the desired seeds per acre. A chart is included with each order to assist with figuring your drive and driven for planting your seed.

Don't let the sale pricing get away from you before spring planting. These planter plates work best with the Kinze 2.0 brushes for the brush meter. The part number brushes with bracket is GB1085. These brushes are changeable without needing to purchase a new bracket once the original brush plate is replaced. The original brush needs to be replaced for the best results. As of today, the replacement brushes without the bracket are numbered GD34021-02 for the larger brush and GD35784-01 for the smaller brush. The blue brush does not need to be replaced unless overly worn.

If you have questions or desire to place and order, please visit We look forward to assisting you with your questions and/or order! Thanks for reading this blog!!!

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