Welcome to Sprouting Our Important Legacy LLC (AKA: S.O.I.L.)! To learn more about  the start of S.O.I.L. and the creators click here for the Each year has challenges. There are different challenges when it comes to getting the crop in the ground, preserving the soil with soil improvements. One of the problems often occurring at planting time is seed placement. Our company manufactures planter plates that help with distribution of each seed by ensuring proper placement of seeds within the row.


We have plates available for the K old and new style brush meters. Both plates are able to plant soy beans, oats, wheat and cover crops. Do you use the same planter for all your crops? Seed sizes vary so to get the correct planting of the seeds you need the correct option for your planter. We can help with getting the correct options for you. 


We want to work with you toward soil improvement and government mandates regarding farming. John Deere and Presicion plates will follow in the future.

    Environment & Sustainability

         With the forces of nature providing ever changing conditions, it is important to gain  control over the  soil and crops in any given month or season. Leaders in sustainability and environment begins with those who produce crops, namely you and me. With all the natural tools nature provides, it is wise to make use of what one can do to keep costs down, and profits up, baring "Act Of God." The things to make use of include: no till, cover crops, soil temperature controls, adequate moisture retention, decreased pesticide use, decreased chemical weed control, decreased fertilizer use, vermin control, beneficial insect natural distribution  and crop rotations.  Promoting these various practices improve the environment. The change of practices leads to an improved perception of the farmer to the common man, and sustainability of the farmer and our company, S.O.I.L. 

    Products & Services

         We look forward to providing for your business items that help increase your bottom line through specific seed placement. Our products decrease multiple seeds planted in same location within the planting row. Our goal is to increase your bottom line while also improving soil quality by preventing erosion and lower needs for chemical additives formerly required in large quantities.

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         The Vartillcon planting plates we currently have ready for launch are compatible with Kinze brush meter planters. It does not matter if you have the old or new Kinze brush meter. We have discs for both. We offer both retail and wholesale pricing (with proof of wholesale business). You can purchase plates at your local Kinze dealer.




         Vartillcon brush disc for old

         Kinze brush meter. This is

         the Large Cell version

         Product number: V-KS1LW

         Retail: $39.95 +tax/S&H

       Vartillcon brush disc for new

        Kinze brush meter. This is        the Large Cell Version

        Product number: V-KS2LQ

        Retail: $39.95 +tax/S&H

    Vartillcon brush disc for old
    Kinze brush meter. This is the Small Cell version.    

    Product number: V-KS1SW

    Retail: $39.95 + tax/S&H

    Vartillcon brush disc for new

    Kinze brush meter. This is the Small Cell version.

    Product number: V-KS2SQ

    Retail: $39.95 + tax/S&H

    V-KS2LQ back side


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          Shipping is currently handled by S.O.I.L. staff for local regional customers. For other delivery    needs we use USPS, FedEx, DHL, or UPS depending on availability.

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    Cover Crop Benefits

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         Cover Crops draw Nitrogen from the surrounding air and put the Nitrogen into the soil during growth which improves the soil. Cover Crops also  stops the loss of topsoil at the rate of five tons per acre. The use of compost is beneficial to crops and cover crops help with making compost tea after rains fall. This allows for less expense due to the need for supplemental fertilizers. Healthier soil has many more microbes found in the soil.The roots of individual types of plants make different microbes available within the soil. The proper amount of microbes are essential to quality production of plants.

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