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"Start planting the roots of your family's legacy with S.O.I.L. Planter Plates!" 

Welcome to the new website. Vartillcon planter plates are currently available for mechanical planters. Check out the store for your choice of large and small cell planting plates. 

wheat field

Sprouting Our Important Legacy (S.O.I.L.) offers a unique solution for your planting needs with their revolutionary planter plates for Kinze mechanical brush meters. Whether you're an experienced farmer or newer to the trade, these plates provide an accurate, efficient, and consistent platform to help maximize yields and profits.

view shows both types of plate connections

Introducing Vartillcon Planting Plates by S.O.I.L. for your planter. Brands: Kinze, and in the future Precision, and John Deere.

Happy Farmer holding plants

     Sprouting Our Important Legacy (S.O.I.L.); which is located in Convoy Ohio ,United States; is more than growing a company. S.O.I.L. is about offering planting plates capable of planting more than one crop with one plate. Preserving the soil of every farm with cover crops serves well to keep silt out of the waterways caused by eroded soils. The lack of erosion is essential to the microbial habitat within the soil. The soil is important to not just us here at S.O.I.L but to all the producers of the world's nutritious food supplies. It is true, you are what you eat. The health of human kind depends on it.  

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