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     Welcome Again! We look forward to providing for your business items that help increase your bottom line through specific seed placement. Our products decrease multiple seeds planted in same location within the planting row. Our goal is to increase your bottom line while also improving soil quality by preventing errosion and lower needs for chemical additives formerly required in large quanities.
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     The Products we currently have ready for pre-launch planting disks for Precision, Kinze, and John Deere brands of planters. The current design of planting plates work with brush meters and vac meters  both high and low rate plates, and specialty product seeds. We currently have a limited variety of John Deere plates but currently working on development of more compatible plates. 


     Demands for specialty planters is increasing with the desire of farmers for dual plantings in one pass. Our company is working with a company which is designing and  developing specialty planters including two and three row planters. These planters will work well with S.O.I.L. planting plates.  


      Shipping is currently handled by us personally for local regional customers. For other delivery needs we use USPS, FedEx, DHL, or UPS depending on availability.

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Cover Crop Benefits

     Cover Crops draw Nitrogen from the surrounding air and put the Nitrogen into the soil during growth which improves the soil. Cover Crops also  stops the loss of topsoil at the rate of five tons per acre. The use of compost is beneficial to crops and cover crops help with making compost tea after rains fall. This allows for less expense due to the need for supplemental fertilizers. Healthier soil has many more microbes found in the soil.The roots of individual types of plants make different microbes available within the soil. The proper amount of microbes are essential to quality production of plants.