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Unbroken Circle

Circles. Where do they start and stop? Circles put out our crops. Families have circles. Churches have circles. When you get done planting the circles get cleaned and put away until needed for putting seed in the ground until next time. Even at harvest, circles help bring in the crop. Rainbows are circles if you see the whole rainbow.

Many talk about the circle of life. Is it really a circle? To me it does not seem to be a circle but a circle with a spiral portion that flings portions away from the circle. Individuals are born into a family and everyone circles around each new arrival. The new baby is the center of the circle of life at that point in time.

When it is time for the baby, now in his or her late eighties, breaks away from the circle, shooting out as a star, away from the circle of loved ones here on earth. If you believe in the afterlife, which I do, then one believes the "break away" person goes from one circle to the heavenly circle.

If you do not believe in heaven, then picture what you do believe in. Is it a continuation of a circle or is it a finality in space and time.

The purpose of this blog is to help release sadness as my mother has passed. She had lived with me and my husband for the past year. Even though I was a nurse for many years and cared for dying people, it is different when it is family. I pray the circle was not broken and she joined the circle of family in heaven. Her dying wish was to meet Jesus on her birthday which was October 5th and passed October 6th at 12:55am. Rest in peace Mom.

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