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Good thing about winter? Winter Wheat!

Winter Wheat! If you have not gotten your winter wheat in the ground yet, there is still time. The time window is between late August and mid November depending on where you live or where your fields are located.Vartillcon planting plates plant winter wheat. This field was planted by Marty Whitney of northern Ohio with Vartillcon planting plates on a Kinze brush meter planter.

The same plates can also be used to plant your soybeans the following year. This pictured field was also planted by Marty Whitney. Look at those nice soybeans! Want to plant oats? The same plate works for oats too, as well as cover crops. After years of testing and tweaking the Vartillcon design, we finally have the plates that offer the greatest diversity for farmers. Instead of needing to purchase a plate for each type of seed, one will do the job.

The plates can be purchased from Kinze dealers; Precision Agri Service in Minster, OH; or you can visit our website at Planting charts with gear ratios are included with purchase for the crop being planted. The planting charts will help dial in the correct speed and gear ratio for the amount of pounds per acre desired to plant. Be prepared for the planting season. This year and next without extra plate costs.

We look forward to hearing and working with you, even the winter. See you soon out working in your fields.

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